Prof. Dr. Sindung Haryanto

University of Lampung

Dr. Paul Waley

University of Leeds

Paul Waley is Senior Lecturer at the School of Geography University of Leeds. PhD at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London with a thesis titled “Symbolic Space and Urban Change in the Japanese City: The Edo-Tokyo Periphery, 1800-1930″. His research interests grow out of a strong focus on specific geographic settings both in East Asia and South East Europe. Tokyo has provided the context for much of his research, but he has also worked in Taipei and in Trieste and Belgrade. He is currently involved in projects that seek to place Tokyo in a wider context of East Asian urbanism and that explore of the role of traditional markets in contributing to socially just cities in Europe. He is increasingly interested in comparative urbanism as a broad framework. In relation to Contested Cities he is carrying out research on residential and commercial gentrification and neoliberal urbanism.

Prof. Dr. Shimada Yuzu

Nagoya University

Azusa Sato, Ph. D


Azusa is currently working in the areas of health, human resources, insurance, health security, and governance. Her portfolio includes Cambodia, Lao, Myanmar, and Vietnam.

Dr. Rainer Heufers


Rainer Heufers is the Executive Director of the Center for Indonesian Policy Studies (CIPS). His experience developing think tanks in Asia began in 1999. In that year he represented the Friedrich Nauman Foundation for Liberty (FNF), first headed FNF Malaysia, and then directed the FNF in Indonesia. In 2011, Rainer participated in developing the Asia Economic Freedom Network (EFN) Asia. Rainer was also associated with the Atlas Network as a Senior Fellow and designed Atlas Think Tank’s first MBA in 2008. In addition to directing CIPS, Rainer Heufers is the Founder and Managing Director of Ready Solutions Pte. Ltd, a Singapore-based consulting firm with branch offices in Indonesia.